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It's not just about building muscle. Its about building a quality of life. Bodybuilding can help your lifestyle in many ways. Not only does bodybuilding keep us healthy but it helps develop many other qualities as well. Bodybuilding allows someone to develop their dedication and focus to achieve goals. Practicing bodybuilding, and the dedication it demands, can therefore be used in several other areas of one's life. We believe that bodybuilding can contribute to a happier and healthier life. This is why we continually develop Natural Muscle with its main focus being natural bodybuilding. We will be consistently adding new features and we hope you will check back often to see them.

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Bodybuilding and Vitamins - Natural Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding and Vitamins

Vitamins are an integrate part of any bodybuilding training routine. Whether you are focusing on natural bodybuilding or not, vitamins are essential. Vitamins are calorie free molecules that help your body with various essential functions. Vitamins help process fats, carbohydrates, and protein; essential
for bodybuilders, essential for everyone.

There are several vitamin types (which can be found in our bodybuilding vitamins section) with each one having their own disease of deficiency. Any lack, or otherwise deficiency, of any vitamin will result in an unwanted symptom, or "disease of deficiency". Vitamin diseases range from Scurvy, Rickets, to even Pernicious anemia.

So how do vitamins affect your bodybuilding goals and results? Well let's show some of the pros to supplementing with vitamins. Generally B vitamins maintain a healthy digestive system, very important, especially for bodybuilders.

Vitamin C lowers cortisol, which has been linked to stress, and can naturally increase testosterone in the same way; which could increase your bodybuilding results. Vitamin C also produces collagen which helps with the prevention and recovery of injuries. If one is injured for a significant time period it can negatively affect their bodybuilding progress so avoiding down time is key.

Vitamin E helps keep your body's immune system strong. With the extra stress that bodybuilders place on their body a healthy immune system is key in avoiding sickness.

Not to be outdone, Vitamin A serves a wealth of benefits. Vitamin A aids in the production of Glycogen. Glycogen is the body's storage for energy, and specifically for, intense, strenuous, activity. Vitamin A also aids in the synthesis of protein; which (unless this is the first bodybuilding site you've visited) is natural bodybuilding infinitely important for building muscle and thus, bodybuilding. Another reason why Vitamin A is particularly important is that the average North American diet is lacking in Vitamin A. Combine that with strenuous activity (bodybuilding) and maintaining a slim physique (through low fat dieting) Vitamin A deficiency is likely more common then you would ever imagine.

Of course you can learn more about each specific vitamin by visiting out bodybuilding vitamins section, or by browsing our bodybuilding forums.

Happy Training,
Brad Belanger

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